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Capacitors in Series

Capacitors in Series

In series combination, the capacitors are arranged in series order. We know that the Capacitors are having two plates. The second plate of first Capacitor is connected to the first plate of second capacitor. similarly the second plate of the second capacitor connected to the first plate of the third capacitor and so on . Finally , the first plate of the first capacitor and the second plate of the last capacitor are connected to the opposite terminals of the battery.
Let us connect two Capacitor in series.

Let Q be the charge given to the left plate of the capacitor C1. By electrostatic induction, a charge -Q appears on inner side of the right plate of C1. Let V1, V2 be the potential difference across C1, C2 respectively.
Then total potential is given by
V = V1 + V2 QCs = QC1 + QC2 1Cs = 1C1 + 1C2.Where Cs is the effective Capacitance in series
The effective Series capacitance Cs is given by
Cs = C1C2C1+C2.For ‘n’ number of capacitors in series, the effective capacitance can be written as1C = 1C1 + 1C2 + 1C3 + ………………+ 1Cn.

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