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Fashion In Pakistan

Pakistan Is A Country Where People Aren't Strong Enough To Afford Daily Fashion.Everyone Follow Their Cultural And Religious Fashion but People Also Want To Follow Latest Fashion As To Show World They Are Compete With Other Countries

It's In Human Nature That They have Change In Something like Clothing etc.We Wear Clothes That Suit With Us And Make Us Happy And Also To Move Along With The World.Because If We Don't Do This People Would Start Thinking That We're Dumb And Don't Know Anything About World.

Fashion Has Gone Through Many Changes In This Century Especially In Women's Fashion like Dressing Hairstyles Shoes etc.
Young People Enjoy the Diversity And Change In Their Looks And Play  Most Important Role In Changing Of Fashion Day-to-Day.
In Pakistan There Are Three Types Of People:

1. Who Follow Fashion Blindly And Stay Up To Date

2. Who Follow Fashion According To Their Need.
3. Who Don't Follow Fashion At All.

But there is a very little room for the first ones, because most of the fashions trends are against Islam.

But Nowadays Designers In Pakistan Take Muslims Clothings Seriously And Provide/Make Dresses Which Are According To Muslims Clothings.

In Men's , Most Of People Wear Shalwar Kameez And A Very Few People Wear Dress Pants And Shirts.
In Youth, They Follow Every Kind Of Fashion That Is Possible For Them And Try As Hard As They Can To Follow And Walk Along With The World.

At End I Want You Decide Whether Fashion Is Good Or Bad For Us?
Please Comment And Show Your Opinion. Thanks.

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