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How to create a website?

The most difficult part I found about creating a website is coming up with a theme. What is it you are looking to advertise, express or share ? Are you looking to create a blog or publish articles?  These are the questions. Its best to start with a simple mindmap. Use this to map out your ideas based off a central theme. Below is an image of an example mindmap I created using EDraw(very easy to use and free to install).

This example shows the brainstorming done to create a website from 6 easy steps. Its just to help keep your ideas out in the open. It can be as detailed as you want, but just like life…the simpler the better. The main idea here is to put down in the center the topic, skill or product you would like to write about and branch out from there. This helps later down the road when it comes to adding content to your site. Keep in mind, the internet gods love good quality material, so plan your site well! In the next post, I will explain the process of selecting a creative website domain name.

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