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What is Online Backup? and how it works?


Data backups allow you to save essential files and documents. There are many methods that you can use to create a data backup. Examples include offsite and online data backup. A traditional method of backing up information involves using an external hard drive. You can use memory sticks, DVDs, and CDs to backup important files. Online backup is offered by many companies. You can install backup software in your system to enable continuous data backup. Both businesses and individuals can benefit from using online back up as a viable method of storing and protecting valuable data.
Backup software creates an exact copy of documents that you have on your system or server. These duplicates are stored in a secure location and can be retrieved when necessary. Since files are saved on a secure location online, they can be retrieved very easily. Online backups minimize potential for damage from natural disasters, fires, and theft. If your building burns down, your files will go down with it. With online backups, you avoid this problem.


Online backups are secure, reliable, and easy to create. You can streamline your backup process through an automatic schedule that you can plan around the nature and amount of data that you need to backup. Because backup files are stored online, you can access saved data from any location at any time. When the original file is lost or destroyed, you can easily retrieve a copy from an online location. Online data backup services are affordable and cost only a few dollars a month.
The greatest advantage of using online data backup is that your data is stored in a remote location. Since your data is not on any physical location like disks or drives, you do not have to worry about server problems or power failure. You can also protect your data using passwords and encryption.

How It Works

There are many key features that are used by online backup software for data backup. Software enables data to be compressed and split into different parts. Each part is then stored in a separate location. Data compression helps your save money and lets you save more data in less space.
Full back and incremental backups can be done through online backup software. When a copy of all the data in your system is created and saved in a secure location, it is called full backup. With incremental backup, only the files and documents that were created or modified after the last backup are saved. You can create a schedule for online data backup. You can automate backups to occur on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This not only increases the speed of backup but also reduces the amount of maintenance work required for backup.


AmeriVault, Mozy, Symantec, and SyncWeb offer online backup services.

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