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Types of Motion

Types of Motion

The types of motion are:
  • Uniform motion
  • Non uniform motion
a) Uniform motion: When equal distance is covered in equal interval of time, the motion is said to be in uniform motion.
The bodies moving with constant speed or velocity have uniform motion or increase at the uniform rate.

b) Non Uniform motion: When unequal distances are covered in equal interval of time, the motion is said to be in non uniform motion. The bodies executing non uniform motion have varying speed or velocity.

We can even classify motion into three types:

  • Translatory motion
  • Rotatory motion
  • Vibratory motion

Translatory Motion

In translatory motion the particle moves from one point in space to another. This motion may be along a straight line or along a curved path.
They can be classified as:
  1. Rectilinear Motion
    Motion along a straight line is called rectilinear motion.
  2. Curvilinear Motion
    Motion along a curved path is called curvilinear motion.

Rotatory Motion

In Rotatory motion, the particles of the body describe concentric circles about the axis of motion.

Vibratory Motion

In Vibratory motion the particles move to and fro about a fixed point.

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