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Free Website Hosting

Today I'm Going To Share A Website With You Where You Host Your Website Free With 1GB Space.


10 Tips/Points for getting Website/Blog Approved For Google Adsense

Today I'm going to share with you some points and tips to make your website or Blog to get accepted by Google Adsense. Here are 10 Points I'm Going To Share With You And You Need To Modify Your Blog Or Website So That They Don't Violate Google TOS
1. Content:

Produce Quality Content - Getting your Website approved by Google Adsense

First Thing That You Need To Qualify Your Website For Google Adsense Is That You Need To Use Genuine Content Whether they are Articles,videos,images.Never Use Pirated Content.
Never Use Embed Video On Your Websites.Google Never Accept Websites With Embed Videos From Youtube,Vimeo etc.

If You Want To Make A Video Sharing Website Or Pictures Sharing Don't Even Think Of Google Adsense Because Google Only Accept Real And Genuine Content And In Content Google Needs At Least 100-250 Words Because In That Way There Could Be Couple Of Keywords Useful And Google will Provide Advertisement Related To That Keywords.
Content Should Be Unique And Not Copy Pasted From Other Websites.


AddMeFast ALL iMacros Scripts Download

First of all Instal Mozilla Firefox (Don't Install If you have already installed)

Then Install iMacros on Mozilla Firefox

Login into your facebook,twitter,youtube account(use only fake account not real)

Make a account(don't make one if u already have)

DOWNLOAD Scripts Here


After that copy the downloaded scripts to: C:\Users\username\Documents\iMacros\Macr

Then Open Firefox And Open iMacros (Its Near URL Bar)
Then Select A Script And set loop (I prefer 400) and click on play loop


Subways Surfers PC Version

PC Requirements:
Windows XP/Windows 7,8
RAM: 256 MB (Minimum)
HDD: 100 MB (Minimum)


If you want to Play using Keyboard follow below steps:-))
After Download Game
Go to Folder "To Play in Keyboard"
1.Install "AutoHotkey.exe"
2.Open "SubSurf"

Now Go to Folder [Game]
3. Double Click "Subway_Surfers.exe"
Play and Enjoy....!!

See More :


Best Place To Watch Anime Cartoons

If U Want to watch Naruto,One Piece,Bleach,Fairy Tail,Pokemon And All Other your favorite anime then visit
Anime Point (
It Is Best place to watch your favorite anime in English dubbing or English subtitles

Reviews Of Anime Point:
(Ehtisham Rehman)
It is best website to watch all your favorite anime.I recommend you to watch your favourite anime here
I Will this website 4.5/5 rating
This Website is Ad-Free
(John Macgarthy)
Love This Website I Watched All One Piece episodes here . Best Website Love It.
I Will Rate It 4.6/5


What Is Satellite Televison? How It Works?

Satellite television is a system of supplying television programming using broadcast signals relayed from communication satellites. The Signals are recieved through Satellite Dish and a low-noise block downconverter(LNB).
Satellites used for television signals are generally in either naturally highly elliptical (with inclination of +/-63.4 degrees and orbital period of about twelve hours, also known as Molniya orbit) or geostationary orbit 37,000 km (23,000 mi) above the earth's equator.[

Image By HowStuffWorks
The television satellites are all in geosynchronous orbit, meaning that they stay in one place in the sky relative to the Earth. Each satellite is launched into space at about 7,000 mph (11,000 kph), reaching approximately 22,200 miles (35,700 km) above the Earth. At this speed and altitude, the satellite will revolve around the planet once every 24 hours -- the same period of time it takes the Earth to make one full rotation. In other words, the satellite keeps pace with our moving planet exactly. This way, you only have to direct the dish at the satellite once, and from then on it picks up the signal without adjustment, at least when everything works right.


Pakistani Girls and boys mobile phone numbers – latest numbers

Are you searching for Pakistani Girls mobile numbers to chat with them or boys number to increase your friendships then this article is just for you, read this article to get known about Pakistani boys and Girls Phone number for chatting and flirting.


3G is launched in several cities of Pakistan including Abbottabad

3G internet service was launched in several cities of Pakistan, while 4G is under work, Telenor started its work very soon after receiving 3G license and its service spread-ed all over Pakistan in few months, Telenor also launches its service for Abbottabad, Peshawar and other main areas and its will be soon available to all other parts of country, May how this time 3G is free and is giving free trails, but soon it will be charged at high rates.

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