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10 Tips/Points for getting Website/Blog Approved For Google Adsense

Today I'm going to share with you some points and tips to make your website or Blog to get accepted by Google Adsense. Here are 10 Points I'm Going To Share With You And You Need To Modify Your Blog Or Website So That They Don't Violate Google TOS
1. Content:

Produce Quality Content - Getting your Website approved by Google Adsense

First Thing That You Need To Qualify Your Website For Google Adsense Is That You Need To Use Genuine Content Whether they are Articles,videos,images.Never Use Pirated Content.
Never Use Embed Video On Your Websites.Google Never Accept Websites With Embed Videos From Youtube,Vimeo etc.

If You Want To Make A Video Sharing Website Or Pictures Sharing Don't Even Think Of Google Adsense Because Google Only Accept Real And Genuine Content And In Content Google Needs At Least 100-250 Words Because In That Way There Could Be Couple Of Keywords Useful And Google will Provide Advertisement Related To That Keywords.
Content Should Be Unique And Not Copy Pasted From Other Websites.

Also Use Images In Posts.
If You Want To Apply For Adsense There Must Be At Least 30-45 High Quality Articles With Images.

2. Submitting Website To Google Webmaster Tools:
Your Website Or Blog Must Have Real And Unique Content And High Quality Articles So That Your Websites Could Be Accepted By Google Index.Make A Gmail Account And Submit Your Website To Google Webmaster Tools And Also Make Google Analytical Account So That Google Can Track Your Website/Blog Traffic.

3. Proper Navigational And User Friendly Website:
If You Visit A Website And It Has A Very Poor Homepage With No Navigation System Would You Ever Visit That Website?NO!!!!!!!. Your Website Must Have Proper Categories,Menus And Easy To Navigate , Google Love User-friendly Websites.They Better Your Website Looks The Better It Has Chances Of Getting Accepted By Google Adsense. Try To Create At Least 2 Menus On Your Websites. 
Primary Navigation Menu And Secondary Menu,so Easy For You To Create Categories and Organize The Posts.
The More Your Site Is User-friendly,The Better Chance Of Your Website Getting Approve.

4. About US,Privacy Policy And Contact US Pages:
You Own A Website But Don't Have About Us,Privacy Policy And Contact Us Pages ,Well That's Not Good For Your Visitors.Visitors Would Like To Know About Yourself/Company,Your Privacy Policy And How To Contact To You.

In About Us You Can Write About What Is Your Company Goals Or About Yourself.

In Privacy Policy You Can Write About How Much You Care About Your Visitors Privacy And How You Use Their Cookies Will Never Misuse It.

In Contact Us Page Write About How Visitors Can Contact You And Always Reply To Your Visitors Emails.

Write These Pages For Your Website Yourself About 500 Words Each And It Will Take 20-30 Minutes Each.

5. Footer And Header Of Your Website:
You Own A Website And But With Poor Header And Footer.
Create A Footer And Add Some Widgets And In Top Your Menus,Privacy Policy,Contact Us,About Us Pages And Logo.

It Will Make Your Website Look Beautiful.

6. Don't Put Ads Of Other Companies:
This Is Most Important Thing Before Applying For Google Adsense. If You Don't Have Google Adsense You Might Be Using Other Advertisement Companies Like Infolinks,Chitika etc.
Remove Ads Of These Companies Before Applying.

7. Optimization Of Your Website:
Google Likes Fast Loading Websites that loads Quickly.
Google Also Mobile Friendly Websites To Show Advertisements To Their Mobile Users.
Make Your Website To Load Faster And Remove Widgets/Plugins Which Are Making It Slow And Use A Faster Theme And Make Website Mobile Compatible.
8. User Friendly Websites:
As Mentioned Above Google Likes User-Friendly Websites Because Its In Their TOS.
Compare Your Website To Other Websites .
Does It Look Better?
Will Visitors Like Your Websites?
You Will Get Answers Yourself.

9. Provide Real Information When Applying For Google Adsense:
When Applying For Google Adsense Always Provide Real Information And The Payee Name Your Providing Must Have A National I.D Card As Per To Receive Payment.
Always Provide Real Information.

Try To Enter Address Which Is Easy Like House Number,Street Number,Block Number,City Name,Postal/ZIP Code etc.
If You Don't Have A Proper Address You Can Apply From Your Friend Or Relative House.Be Sure To Fill Address Correctly Because That's The Address They're Gonna Send PIN To Verify Your Account.

10. Be Patient:
After Writing 30-45 High Quality Articles With Genuine Content And Apply 1-2 Months And They Will Accept It.
Best Of  Luck.

Additional Tips:
Apply Using Your Domain Email Like ,There Will More Chances Of Your Website Getting Approved. Some Apply Without It And Get Approved And It's Up To You How You Do It.

Remove Any Kind Of Website Traffic Counter And Remove Back-links For Websites ,This Will Reduce Risks Of Getting Rejected .
If You're Rejected Don't Lose Heart And Write 15-20 More Articles And Apply In 1-2 Weeks Again.
Best Of Luck From Me.
If You Didn't Understand Anything Or Want To Ask Anything Else Drop A Comment And Feel Free To Ask.
I Will Try My Best To Help You.

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