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Radioactivity Detector

Radioactivity Detector

The radioactivity detector is used for the detection of radioactive rays like; alpha, beta and gamma rays. The Geiger counter, or Geiger-Muller counter, is a common radioactive detector which used to measures ionizing radiation.

In Geiger-Muller counter detects the radiation produced by radioactive substance at  low-pressure gas filled in a Geiger-Muller tube. An inert gas filled Geiger-Muller tube which becomes conductive due to radiation and conduct electricity. This electricity displayed by a needle or lamp and/or audible clicks.

Geiger Muller counter invented in 1908 but still a popular instruments which can be used for measurements in health, industry, physics, geology and other fields due to the capability of making simple electronic circuits. Various form of Geiger-Muller detectors are available like GM-40, GM-10 widely used in different fields.

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